Tips to prevent health problems

On this page you will find video tips to prevent different diseases and improve your quality of life during this time of quarantine, created by Dr. David Bravo, Kinesiologist, Doctor in Neuroscience and Director of Research at Kirón Store.

You can go to the youtube playlist  or check any of the following videos that you consider interesting: 

  1. 3 Tips to Prevent Coronavirus in Wheelchair Users.
  2. 6 Tips to Prevent Falls and Wheelchair Accidents.
  3. 6 Tips to Prevent Respiratory Infections.
  4. 3 Tips to Prevent Constipation
  5. 5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain.
  6. 3 Tips for Managing Stress in Wheelchair Users.
  7. How to prevent high blood pressure in wheelchair users?
  8. 5 tips to prevent thrombosis in wheelchair users
  9. Preventing Urinary Infections in Wheelchair Users.
  10. How to prevent cardiovascular diseases?
  11. Tips to prevent Obesity in Wheelchair Users.